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    Camp Hale operates on the belief that all youth, particularly those from urban environments, will benefit significantly from challenging opportunities for physical, mental, and social growth and development.
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    We hope you will consider supporting the Camp Hale Alumni Association with a gift, in any amount. Your support will help us continue our mission of sustaining Camp Hale for many more generations to enjoy.
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Mornings at Camp Hale are dedicated to instructional periods with campers selecting among activities such as swimming, archery, crafts, canoeing, athletics, nature, soccer and others. Afternoons are typically spent on short hikes in the local mountains or excursions on the lake, with campers and their cabin staff functioning as units. Evenings are generally spent on the camp grounds using the facilities in a recreational manner. Superimposed on this basic program are regular overnight trips into the mountains or across the lake to island camping sites. Special camp-wide events, both educational and recreational, round out the challenging program.

At the core of the residential camping experience for these children, woven into every element of the month at Camp Hale, is the community living experience and the impact of the cabin counselor as a role model. Interactions with peers and staff are the essence of the camp experience for a child. The personal growth which results from successfully facing the daily challenges and responsibilities inherent in being away from home for a month cannot be denied. The self-esteem resulting from skill development in the various activity areas is an important element of the camping experience as well.

Funding for the Camp Hale program depends heavily on support from the private sector. To keep the camp affordable for the families who most need it results in camper fees which provide less than 10% of the actual cost of the program. More than 80% of the program expenses are provided by funds from the private sector. Again, in what can be viewed as a tribute to Camp Hale, former campers are working to play an increasingly larger role in providing financial support for the camp which has had such a major impact on their lives.

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These are the key 2016 Events for CHAA:

  • Cocktails for Campfires: A night on the town to support the boys and girls of Camp Hale at Clery's in Boston - Sat April 30
  • Pizza Party -  Sat May 14 at 48 Rutland Street
  • Spring Work Weekend  at Camp Hale - June 2-5
  • CHAA Serves lunch at Old Home Day - Weds Aug 10
  • Alumni Weekend - Sept 8-11
  • Fall Work Weekend at Camp Hale - tba
  • Board Meetings - 1st Monday of month 6-8 pm



We hope you will join us and support Camp Hale!